Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 14th is Overrated

I'm married to one of those guys you've probably heard about that says valentines day is a man made commercialized holiday. He refuses to celebrate it in the traditional way (i.e. flowers, candy, romantic dinner, pretty much gifts of any kind). He refuses to be told that he has to 'prove' his love for me on a day that Hallmark made up. I really dont know exactly when or why this transformation took place. When we were younger he loved V-Day. He would get me roses, candy, balloons, teddy bears, cards, the whole shebang. Oh well, the why is not important. I understand his point and dont push the matter. I still believe in the love and magic of the day but thats not what this is about though.

I'm truly thankful for the love we share. 365 days a year for the last 15 years his behavior towards me has remained constant. He tells me all day everyday that he loves me. He gives me hugs and kisses at every opportunity. Those two small gestures alone are enough to make Valentines Day look like amateur hour to me. He's right in the fact that he doesn't need to 'prove' his love to me on this one day. He proves his love in the little things everyday.

Here's a small example. I got my hair cut last week and when I came home I told him what the stylist had told me about how to style it. I told him about the type of brush she used and the styling product she used with it. Within two days he came home with not one but two of that type of brush in different sizes to make sure he got the right one and the styling product. He listened to what I said and got what I needed to upkeep my style. It was incredibly sweet and I had no idea he was going to do that. I certainly hadn't asked him to. Another example is my new phone cover. I had gotten him one as part of his V-Day gift. I told him I saw the one I wanted. So what does he do? He comes home with it yesterday.

He does the sweetest things all the time. He lets me take a nap when I'm really tired from a night up with the wee ones. He watches my shows for me when I cant be home to watch them so he can tell me whats happening. He even calls me while I'm gone to tell me whats happening because its so exciting! Sometimes he will clean up the kitchen and/or do the dishes for me just because. There are literally too many things for me to list that show me how much he cares.

So when he came home this Valentines Day with a little gift for me I was ubber surprised. He had gotten me the chick flick that I wanted, The Bounty Hunter. As great as it was to get that acknowledgement it meant more that he put on the movie (at seven) and we watched it together. The time that he put it on was special too because he didn't want me to miss my show at 9. I didn't mind but he did. He wanted to make sure I had time to watch both. He's so thoughtful.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that while my husband might not like being told to 'prove' his love on one day, he does it everyday. That makes me feel more loved and special than any V-Day celebration ever could. I dont feel jealous of the women that get that ONE grand gesture because I feel the love ALL YEAR LONG. Feb 14th is Overrated.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day

We finally did it!! We took the kids to the snow for the very first time. They were so excited that they could barely sleep the night before. Once we got up in the morning all they talked about was going to the snow. As I packed the last couple items I noticed Emma pacing at the door in anticipation. Alex had his hand on the knob and was opening & closing the door repeatedly. Their excitement only heightened as we got in the car and began our drive. Our climb up the mountain was a bluster of chatter and laughter. The car began to bounce in rhythm to the ever mounting excitement. The turns were coming quicker, the drop steeper. Then we heard it.....the 'splarph' of the mornings bananas and juice. We pulled over in the first turnout we could find. David rushed to Emma while I grappled with Alex. Both had simultaneously lost their breakfast from the curvy motion of the road. Once everyone and everything had been decontaminated we continued our advance towards that white plushy wonderland. But not before enjoying this breathtaking view.

The rest of our ascent was fairly uneventful. However the air in the vehicle had changed. The exuberance had been replaced by the whines of upset tummy's and swirling heads. The protests of being held captive by those pesky seat belts were beginning to hinder our desire to continue on our journey. Then, as if a marshmallow had exploded  we began to see dirty mounds of our enchanted kingdom. The euphoria was once again mounting. It became evident that we had made the right decision in our perseverance up the mountain side. Before we knew it we were surrounded by a gleaming snow blanket nestled ever so delicately over the forest floor. We began our search for the perfect play area when we heard it, again, 'phlaft'. Emma's little hand was covering her quivering lip as she desperately tried to contain another round of motion sickness. David swooped her from the car and as soon as he was clear she let it fly. Our poor little girl who wanted nothing more than to play in the plush oasis of snow was miserable. After several minutes she had finally gotten it all out of her system. As a reward for being such a brave little warrior she was the first to get to touch snow. The boys sat in the car still held captive by their seat belts while Emma explored snow and another beautiful view.

Energized with a new spirit we pressed on in our search. Finally, we had found the perfect place. We bundled up the children and they were gone. There was no hint of guilt when they ran for the snow leaving us behind in the parking lot. We took that moment to inhale deeply and feel that same sense of awe that our babies were experiencing. Then we dove in, okay more like fell in. We tried to make a snowman but the kids were too excited to stay in one place so we called it a volcano and continued on to a snowball fight. We dug the start of a tunnel in a small mound of snow and had another snowball fight. The kids shoveled everywhere. Emma decided quickly that while she enjoys snow she doesn't do cold. William was having himself a jolly good time. At least until about the fortyish time he fell. Then he demanded to be toted everywhere. The only complaint Alex made was that he wasn't ready to come home. He is our snow angel. 

Another wonderful family fun day has come to an end.