Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stronger Than You Know

     For some reason my mind has been wandering. So I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I've been thinking about how strong people are. Maybe because I've been sending up alot of prayer requests lately for others. But I started thinking how strong those around me are. I began thinking how lucky I am to not have had to go through some of the terrible things that others have. But those kinds of thoughts only bring the hard things from your past to jump up in your face. I never appreciate those moments.
     You see, I too have been through many tough times. I call them tough times because though they were scary, sad and above all difficult to handle and maneuver through, I did. That makes those times tough and me strong.
     There are only a handful of specific events that my closest friends & family know of. I'm not going into details on anything so dont expect to get any juicy gossip. Like all situations some were harder to deal with than others. I swear just about every where we drive I have a memory of something that's happened. From cemetery's where friends who were too young to lay are indeed to the complicated stories of my childrens births and first few months. I guess I decided a long time ago that I would focus on the better aspects of negative memories. While it can be hard to focus on the positive in a bad situation it really is possible. For me at least.
     For example, the time I had to explain to my family why the police department decided to assign me a private detective (who called the house no less) and to have me escorted to work by an officer. That was a pretty scary time in my life. Both for me and for those around me. One I wont give many details about. But through that my family (Thompson & Loyd) pulled together and gave me the best support group a girl could ask for. I learned alot during that time and became more self aware. I learned just how many people cared for me and the lengths they were willing to go to ensure my safety.
     I find myself made stronger by the many car accidents as well. Some were near misses some not so lucky. I had minor injuries that I'm still pained by physically. I ended up with a fear of driving and didn't get my license until  just before my 21st birthday. But everyday that I get behind the wheel of my car I see as an accomplishment to overcoming my own fears. I make jokes with those I've given rides to because I can be overly cautious as a result.
     I still remember like it was yesterday the day a family member was attacked during a mugging turned attempted kidnapping right before my eyes. I cant even begin to tell you how that messed with my head but I can tell you I drive by the place it happened on a weekly basis. And I dont let it over take me. I remember the people that were there for us during the healing process. I think of how its made me more cautious as a woman and as a parent in my everyday actions to help protect me and my children from becoming victims.
     In all of us we have the ability to survive and thrive. To take the crap that's been dealt to us and turn it into something far greater. To become a rock for ourselves and those around us. Most everyone I know has gone through some pretty horrible stuff. I am luckier than most (in my own opinion) but we are all stronger than we know. Next time you think something is too hard to handle just look back on all the things you've already been through. You did it once, you can do it again. And if you dont think you can get through it alone, CALL ME! Ill be your rock to lean on and the glue that holds you together. Thats me. I'm a sticky old rock.