Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Passing the Torch

This beautiful lady is my mom. She was THE candy maker when I was growing up. Her skills were unmatched. I remember watching her for hours while she mixed & melted down her candies and carefully painted the candy into its mold. Her creations were absolutely breath taking. So much so that I always felt a little guilty to eat them. But only a little after all they were delicious too. I have such fond memories of her time as a candy maker. So much so that I decided to give it a try. If I have just but half of her natural talent then I should be fine. So I decided to ask my mom if she still owned her old candy molds. And to my utter joy she does. Or did. As of Sunday they are now mine (with the condition I return them should I decide I no longer want them). She had so many candy molds that she filled up a 35 gallon bin....to the top!

Why yes, those are Star Wars molds on the left.
I cant express the excitement I was filled with when I opened that lid. First thing I did was pull out every single mold and write down what it was. To my amazement it was full of holiday molds, ornate candy molds, animal molds, misc cute stuff and even some boob molds. Yes, that is correct. I can now make a lollipop of a woman's boobs. Hahaha. But the ones I am most excited over have to be the character molds. There are Pac Man, Spiderman, Muppets, Flintstones, Garfield, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Pink Panther, Cabbage Patch Kids, Smurfs and the awe inspiring Star Wars.

Now, I dont have any of the necessary tools for quality decorating. But I wasnt gonna let a little thing like that detour me from taking these molds out for a test run when I had some candies (pink and white) in the fridge. So I picked out two of the ornate candy molds and began mixing & melting my candy.

Once my candies were ready I dug out a pair of wooden chopsticks (from Panda Express) and pulled them apart. I used one for my pink candy and one for the white candy. I tried a tooth pick but that just wasn't working. Chopsticks & a spoon were my only candy working tools.

With that being said I think I did fairly well. I enjoyed standing there painting these molds with the chopsticks then filling them in with the spoon. I think given how they turned out on my first try ever and with no tools that maybe I could posses a little of my amazing moms talent. I will need lots of practice and the correct tools but I think I can pull this off. I'm so excited to keep trying.

Just starting out.

 Filing in the molds.

 The first mold is ready to be refrigerated.

Second Mold is ready too.

The finished products.

I hope to do my mom proud.


  1. Those are beautiful! The right tools are the ones that work for you! Looks like the chopsticks worked great! So can I get some care bear ones? lol! You knew I was gonna ask when I read that right?

  2. I was so touched (no not in the head) when I read your blog. I think you did a beautiful job on your first run, especially since you used chopsticks. Great job, keep up the good work and most of all HAVE FUN doing it.