Friday, July 22, 2011

Toooo Infinite And Beyond!!

To say that my son William (1 year old) is addicted to Toy Story would be an understatement. If I would let him he would sit on the couch all day holding his Toy Story toys while repeatedly watching the Toy Story movies. I'm not completely sure what it is about this series of movies that has enthralled him so deeply. Although my son Alex (4) and daughter Emma (3) are equally entranced when the movies are on. William is also the proud owner of a slew of Toy Story products.

Obviously we own the movies. We have seen all three although we still do not own the third one.

And then there is his 'Buzz' shirt that he loves to wear. 

You cant sport a 'Buzz' shirt without matching kicks.

Then there's the toy line.

William wearing his Jessie dolls hat on his head.

To top it all off he has a Toy Story bed too. My little 'Buzz' fan.

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  1. He looks so big in these pictures! I love that big, beautiful, happy smile. He is just a living doll! I love it when he holds his toys up to me with that smile and says, "Buzz"!